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YSK Import Guide
This section has been prepared for those how have no previous import experience from Turkey and to inform on the adventagous situation of our native leather products in the market.
  Why Turkey ?
From the 1970s to the present, the achievements in this sector in some developing countries including Turkey so far, were mainly due to the tendency of leaving leather production to developed countries. Another factor was the developed countries’ preference of importing instead of running a production process with labor-intensive parts which was an advantage for the developing countries.

Proximity to European countries, being traditionally strong in the sector and having rich resources of raw leather played a major role in this development. Export of raw leather has gone through a recession between 1980 and 1983, and after 1983 both export of leather products has increased and import of raw leather rapidly grew. This commerce relying on demands from foreign markets has caused great investments and thus production capacitiy also has reached a significant level.

Thanks to its location, environment-friendly production techniques and customs agreements, Turkey has managed to increase its market share worldwide. Turkish leather market has both technologically advanced and reached a level of export for technical knowledge and hardware. Turkish leather industry is now competing in the global scene with its experience, competitiveness and high production capacity.
  Why YSK ?
YSK Leather Products was established in the 1990s when Turkey was making a breakthrough in leather products. The concept of offering customers the best possible prices with high quality from the very first day has helped YSK Leather Products reach where it is today.

YSK Leather Products has evolved from a 20 sqm production site in the 1990’s to a 3000 sqm area continuously expanding its machinery site today by rationally interpreting the developments in the market. YSK, developing its own understanding of unique quality and production methods, currently exports more than 80 % of its entire production and serves its retail and wholesale customer in outlets both domestic and abroad.

In addition to the production of its own brand, YSK also specially manufactures for many other brands. Our sales team will share with you information in your area on demand and assist you in sales of your own products.
  How can we work together?
You can visit our factory and our showroom to see our products and to place your orders and you can also contact us at our domestic and international sales points for wholesale or meet us at business fairs or visit our wholesale e-commerce (B2B) website.

On our e-commerce website, you can view the up-to-date products and prices in real-time and place your orders both with your brand or with YSK brand. Your orders are instantly taken and we will get back to you as soon as possible. After placing your order, it is ensured that your orders will be delivered to you free from any damage by shipping company of your preference or the ones contracted with us
  What are our post-sales services?
YSK’s best advertisement is the word of mouth from customers. Our development process is enriched in line with demands from customers. Therefore, as soon as your order is received, our sales team will ask for your feedback. In case of an unwanted situation, our administrative staff will identify the problem and immediately contact the customer to provide a full customer satisfaction.