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YSK Quality
YSK Leather Products, from the very first day we started our business we have embraced a philosophy of offering our customers the high quality products with the best possible rates. For this purpose, product development, procurement, production, sales and after-sales service is intended to reach maximum efficiency. Since our main raw material is leather, this process distinguishes from other processes in the market. YSK develops original methods to offer high quality products to customers at an affordable price by differentiating these processes.
  Product Development
YSK continuously develops new products with its model the powerful team and follow the trend closely. Another advantage YSK has is to evaluate customer demands and develop new products.
  Acquisition Process
YSK acquires leather, accessories and packaging products according to its own quality standards. For the leather supply which is our main input, the authenticity of leather is the most important factor due to its nature. During the supply of raw leather, the leathers of the same origin are preferred and they are carefully processed by the tanneries in our supplier list. After being approved by our expert team, they are stored in our facilities for protection and carefully conserved.
YSK connects a production philosophy with experienced craftsmen and the latest technology machines in the production line together. Due to the nature of leather, skin disorders, holes and other defects are handled by our employees to reach minimum wastage. Passed from hand to hand by the skilled hands and eyes, it becomes a unique leather product.
  Sales and Marketing
YSK is an establisment which exports 80 % of its leather production. Every request we receive is evaluated by expert sales staff. Our sales points in domestic and international outlets and our export department function on a customer-focused concept and consider it their first responsibility to provide high quality products to our customers.Our relationship with customers is actually a friendship reaching beyond business as proven by our ever-increasing client porftolio.
  After Sales Services
YSK’s best advertisement is the word of mouth from customers. Our development process is enriched in line with demands from customers. Therefore, as soon as your order is received, our sales team will ask for your feedback. In case of an unwanted situation, our administrative staff will identify the problem and immediately contact the customer to provide a full customer satisfaction.